The Kitchen

As well as steak, the fifth quarter is also revered. Tripe, nerves and stomach do a good job supporting the “Regina” Queen. Even the “Florentine fish”is present on the menu. Cod, anchovies, cuttlefish and salacche appear according to the seasons.
Of course we have several types of hamburgers and meatballs, a large selection of vegetable sides…and ‘dulcis in fundo’… there is a an elegant dessert trolley with homemade cakes that harks back to another time.
The past meets the present at Regina Bistecca, whose name is a nod to the writer D’Annunzio’s laudatory exclamation at being served a Florentine steak on one of his visits to the city in the early 1900’s: “This is not just a steak, this is the Queen of steaks!”